Mike Duma the Investor

Powerlinks Media Ltd

Responsible for the architecture of the platform and inventor of the patented technology that runs the Powerlinks contextual in text advertising system.

For Publishers

PowerLinks Technology improves the discovery and monetisation of your content.
The only real-time In-Content Ad Server that delivers immediacy, control, a better reader experience and significant revenue gains

"When IDG switched to PowerLinks for our in-text advertising we found the implementation simple, and within a month we had more than doubled the average in-text revenues on our websites." Simon Jary Publishing Director

For Advertisers

PowerLinks Technology delivers 35% ad engagement and 10% click-through rates among your target audiences.
Unique, In-content Ad Exchange Engine delivers immediate, superior audience targeting and analytics.

"What stands out about the PowerLinks technology is ... highly granular targeting and measurement capabilities, this has allowed us to generate impressive results."
Andy Evans CEO, Net Communities

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